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[RL log - Demyx, open to Tifa, Roxas, Aeris, Cloud, whoever]

*has finished his day jobs early for once and has time to kill, idly lounging on his bed and staring at his PHS, debating whether to go hang with Aeris or with Cloud and Tifa, since Aeris semi told him off for not spending enough time with his friends instead of her*

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*has spent some time wandering around town before finding Zack's place - now knocks at the door of the apartment, as buzzer systems are no match for NOBODY GODMODING*
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*never mind that the apartment owner has just resigned himself to Zack's weird visitors ever since that one time Nanaki dropped by* *flips his PHS closed and gets up to answer the door, fully expecting it to be one of the aforementioned AVALANCHE members, so is rather happily surprised to see Demyx*

Hey! Demyx! What are you doing here?

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*grins engagingly* You kept telling me to drop by, so I dropped!

*surveys apartment* Nice place you got here.
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I know, huh? The rent's actually pretty cheap, long as you don't mind living in a closet. Oh, here. *goes over to dresser and tosses him a metallic blue PHS* About time you took this off my hands~

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It's not a bad size for the price, I bet! *fumbles it for a moment before getting it and examining it* ...whoa, cool.
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Nah, better'n most.

*waves in the direction of the PHS* I already programmed in my and Cloud and Aeris' numbers, so if you need to get ahold of us you can just use the speed dial. It's also got internet, so you can use it to update the journals if you want.

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*pokes at it a bit, figuring out the controls* Really? I thought it was just a phone kinda thing.
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It is! You type with the number keys. That's why they've got letters on them. And you can play games, too.

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*leans on doorway* What kinda games~?
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A bunch of stuff--pong, stacks, bowling, some kind of tank game . . . I think you can download more, too, although I haven't figured it out yet.

*eyes him* Come on, Dem, either come in or let's go somewhere else. Don't just hover in the doorway.

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*wanders over and sits on the bed* There, ya happy? ♥

*discovers pong* Whooooa.
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Ecstatic, really.

Some neat stuff, huh? You can play other people too. *waves his own PHS in example*

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Oughta be!

...Is it can be epic pong battle tiem? *grins a bit, the King Of Macro Humor*
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Oh, I am!

I'm going to assume that was something crazy you got off the internet and say yes.

Unless you want to go hang out at Tifa's.

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I don't really care. *tries to figure out how to get the online capability to work on the pong thing, though*
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How about both, then? I'll play you while we head over. Although I'm warning you, I'm a master~ *grabs his wallet and keys with one hand and stuffs them in his pocket while holding his PHS in his other hand and connecting it to the internet*

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Fine, fine. I'll even walk. Just for you.
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Great, it'll give me more time to beat the pants off of you.

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AS IF. *pauses for a moment, thinking of Xigbar, then continues*
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You keep saying that~ *locks the door and heads down the stairs, dialling up Demyx's PHS for the game* Ready?

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*following* I AM. Are you~?
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*out the front door of the apartment! The bar's only a few blocks away, Edge isn't half as big as Midgard was. Game start!*

*|        .   |*

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*might trip over his own feet if not careful!*

*mun does not know the html for adding extra spaces, but RIGHT BACK AT YOU*
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*please do, it'll mean MOAR POINTS FOR ME :D*

*|     .    |*

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*STILL COUNTERING...not that good at multitasking, though, stumbling a bit*
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*just don't stumble into traffic, that would be bad D:*

*blip, this one's coming at you off the wall~*

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*walking a little better now, and COUNTERING~ this game might take a while*
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*you're lucky I'm not the kind of guy who grabs at the other person in order to win* *bip, tightening the zigzag of the ball now~*

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*this may be becoming more difficult*
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((OOC: *LIVES*))

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*might wanna be moving a bit faster if you want to block it on this next pass*

Re: ((OOC: *LIVES*))

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*still in the game, biatch*
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*finally a worthy opponent! Bip, ball's slowing down a bit*

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