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[RL log - Picking up Ari]

((OOC: Let me know if you want to switch to prose and I will~))

*is just coming in from a minor monster extermination job, dirty and bit tired, but took the job in the first place to take his mind off of the fact that Demyx never answered him on the journals. Is still worried about how he and Ari fared, but can't do anything about it. Stops his motorbike on the side of the road just inside the city, pausing to take out his PHS and check the journals one more time for an answer*

C'mon, Dem . . .
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*looks up at that and why hlo thar*


*flips his PHS closed, swinging off his bike and kicking the kickstand down in one practiced motion bfeore running over*

Are you okay?! Where's Demyx?
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You are Ari, right? I'm Zack. I'm friends with Demyx on the comm.
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*catches him as he stumbles, surprised by how little he weighs* Looks like you could use a potion. Hang on, I think I've got one left.

*digs in pouches and hey, voila! Hopefully this stuff works on people not from this world* Here, can you drink this?
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It's a potion, it's what we use here for healing when we don't have materia around. *still supporting him, those are some ugly wounds my friend D:*

Doesn't look there's enough to fix you up enough, though, and that was my last one. Here, come with me and I'll take you to see Aeris.
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My girlfriend. She's a healer, she should be able to patch you up pretty good. If not, I think Cloud's still got Cure materia on him; I can go get it while Aeris is looking you over. Think you can sit on a bike for long enough to get there?
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Don't worry, I'll make sure you don't fall off.

*this is not an idle promise, after carrying a comatose Cloud for however many miles* *helps Ari over to the bike and sits him on it, swinging himself up in front and kicking up the stand* Hang on to the back of my shirt and you should be okay. I can't go very fast inside the city anyway.
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Ready? Here we go. *starts the bike and off we go, not going over 50 at the most, and mindful of Ari's grip in case he starts to slip*
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*admit it, if it weren't for the injuries you'd be having fun :D* *takes a few corners at a reasonable speed and cuts through the downtown to get to Aeris and Elmyra's house, passing 7th Heaven on the way. Aaand okay, we're here. It's a nice house, rather like their old one but minus the waterfalls*

*cuts the engine and offers Ari a hand down* You still doing okay? Feeling sick or anything?
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Good. That means the potion replaced most of the blood you lost. Let either me or Aeris know if you start feeling sick. *heads into the house, opening the door without knocking, and leads Ari over to the couch before calling out* Aeris! Got a patient for you!