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Taken and edited from mitethe's translation of the Loveless interview.

Soubi and Ritsuka's Q&A

Basic section Q&A

1. What is your family like?

Alize: I don't have a family, but I live with Eyguebelle. Ari's been staying with us too.
Zack: My folks are pretty good, if ordinary. They were good to me growing up, and I'm glad to be able to see them again. And of course, Cloud's like a brother to me. *smiles*
Cloud: . . . My family's gone. I still have the others, though.

2. Describe your personality in one word.

Alize: Stubborn!
Zack: Laid-back~
Cloud: *shrug* Quiet.

3. What is the most expensive thing you have in your room?

Alize: My trumpet. And some really rare sheet music I managed to get my hands on.
Zack: The computer, I guess, since lehrer Angeal gave me the buster sword.
Cloud: My sword and materia.

4. Tanning or being pale?

Alize: I like being tanned, it means you're healthy.
Zack: I'm usually pretty tan regardless, since I work outside so often.
Cloud: I don't tan.

5. What kind of jobs have you been doing up to now?

Alize: Singing. Helping out at the music hall and the record store, stuff like that.
Zack: Anything I can find, pretty much!
Cloud: Delivery.

6. What type of computer do you use?

Alize: An iMac.
Zack: Uh, I dunno? It says IBM on it, so . . . Oh, and my PHS.
Cloud: I usually use my PHS. But I have a Vaio.

7. How many piercings do you have?

Alize: Two.
Zack: None.
Cloud: One.

8. How long do you spend in the bath/shower? Where do you start washing?

Alize: Are you perverted or something? About twenty minutes, longer if I'm feeling lazy. I start with my shoulders.
Zack: About 10 to 15 minutes, and I start with my hair. Old military habits are hard to break, heh.
Cloud: About 10 minutes. I start with my arms.

9. Do you smoke?

Alize: No way! Nothing's worse for singing.
Zack: Nah, it's bad for you.
Cloud: No.

10. Are you quick about responding to text messages/comments on your journal?

Alize: I think so.
Zack: Once I'm off work, yeah.
Cloud: Not really.

11. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Alize: A singer.
Zack: I already am! . . . Sort of. I want to build up a good reputation as a mercenary, for starters. We'll see what else comes along.
Cloud: I'm fine with what I'm doing now.

12. What places are you often at?

Alize: At home, one of the shops, or the square.
Zack: Usually out working, Aeris' place, Cloud and Tifa's place . . .
Cloud: Seventh Heaven and the Church.

13. What's your favourite flower?

Alize: Baby's breath and hyacinth.
Zack: Rhododendron--my mom used to grow them--and lilies.
Cloud: Lilies.

14. Humanities or Science?

Alize: Humanities.
Zack: Humanities!
Cloud: Neither.

15. Indoor type or outdoor type?

Alize: I'm an outdoor type, as long as it's not cold.
Zack: Outdoor type, definitely.
Cloud: Either or, although I spend most of my time outdoors anyway.

16. Please tell us about your gaming history.

Alize: What, like video games? I don't play much.
Zack: I am the master of two-player pong on the PHS. *grin*
Cloud: I don't play video games except when Zack shoulders me into it.

17. If you were reincarnated would you like to be yourself again?

Alize: I don't believe in reincarnation.
Zack: Sure, why not? There's some things I could do without a second time around, though.
Cloud: Pass.

18. Where do you do your grocery shopping?

Alize: The one around the corner. It's easy to get to and I know the store owner.
Zack: Depends on what I need; there's a couple of different places around my house. Though there's this one bakery where I can get free samples~
Cloud: A few places. It depends on where I'm making deliveries that day.

19. What kind of magazines do you read?

Alize: Fashion, sometimes. Band and concert listings. News.
Zack: Usually bike and weapons magazines, and the newspaper.
Cloud: Weapons magazines.

20. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?

Alize: About two silver in change.
Zack: About 10,000 gil.
Cloud: About 25,000 gil.

21. Can you fake a smile?

Alize: Yeah . . .
Zack: Sure, though I can't fool some people.
Cloud: No.

22. What's your normal body temperature?

Alize: What kind of question is that? I have no idea!
Zack: Uh? 36 point something, I think.
Cloud: 37.

23. What do you always do before going to bed?

Alize: Brush my teeth and sometimes read a book.
Zack: Clean and check my weapons, get ready for sleep, that kind of thing.
Cloud: Lock up the bar and make sure everything's turned off.

24. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Alize: Clean up and eat.
Zack: Shower, get dressed and eat. Then it's either work or training. If it's training I eat after.
Cloud: Get dressed, train, shower, and then eat.

25. Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, which one is your type?

Alize: Oh sure, make me wiki it. I'd say . . . Nobunaga.
Zack: Nobunaga, I guess, though I don't really like the idea of that caste system.
Cloud: None.

26. What places would you like to go see?

Alize: Everywhere. I want to explore.
Zack: I wouldn't mind going to Costa del Sol again. I wanted to see the Temple of the Ancients, but that's kind of a done deal now.
Cloud: Nowhere. I've been all over the place already.

27. What's the worst word you use the most?

Alize: I think I use "idiot" the most.
Zack: Eheh. Not repeatable.
Cloud: Damn it.

28. What kind of toothbrush do you use?

Alize: A normal one, duh.
Zack: A normal one, I guess.
Cloud: Why do you care?

29. Are you good at arm wrestling?

Alize: You bet I am!
Zack: One of the best~
Cloud: I'm pretty good at it.

30. What do you always put in your bag?

Alize: I don't have a bag, but I always take my hi-fi gun and my wallet with me.
Zack: Don't carry a bag, just a wallet.
Cloud: I don't carry a bag. I keep lunch and a change of clothes in the packs on my motorcycle, though.

31. Do you have a best friend?

Alize: I think so.
Zack: Of course! Cloud's always been there.
Cloud: Zack.

32. What do you do on your days off?

Alize: Practice, and hang around in the shops and the square.
Zack: Visit Aeris, of course~ And pester Cloud.
Cloud: Train, and help Tifa around the bar.

33. Right now, who is the person you most want to see?

Alize: Pass.
Zack: I'll go with Aeris~
Cloud: Zack.

34. Please tell us how much you've secretly saved up.

Alize: Why should I tell you?
Zack: Not enough, yet. I'm trying to save up for a house.
Cloud: A lot.

35. Do you have dreams?

Alize: I want to be known for my singing all over the world. And I hope Demyx can find his heart someday. Although I guess that's not really my dream, huh?
Zack: *smiles* Don't tell her, but I want to marry Aeris. I need a stable job and my own place first. *laughs* And of course, I want to always protect and be with my friends.
Cloud: I want . . . to always be able to protect those I care about.

36. Do you want power?

Alize: Yes. But not too much.
Zack: I want to be stronger, if that's what you mean.
Cloud: I already have it.

37. Please tell us any special skills or qualifications you might have.

Alize: I'm really good at sneaking into places, and I know the city inside and out. I also know a lot of folklore.
Zack: Well, I was a First-Class commanding officer in SOLDIER, so I've got all the training that goes along with that, including materia and hand-to-hand. I've got a driver's license and can ride a motorcycle, I know how to handle chocobo, and I know the basics of helicopter flying.
Cloud: I helped save the world, and I've defeated Sephiroth more than twice. I can use materia, and I can ride a motorcycle and fly an airship. I've also raised racing chocobos.

38. What's your cooking specialty?

Alize: Waffles.
Zack: I can make a pretty mean stir fry, actually.
Cloud: I'm no good at cooking.

39. When was the last time you cried? What was the reason?

Alize: None of your business.
Zack: You know? I can't remember.
Cloud: . . .

40. When do you think you could kill someone?

Alize: When I had to.
Zack: When I have no other choice.
Cloud: When they're threatening someone I care about.

Likes and Dislikes Section Q&A

1. What is your favourite fast food?

Alize: I think I got addicted to the pizza in Zaza.
Zack: I actually really like Wutaian stuff, don't know if that counts.
Cloud: I like what Tifa makes. That's not really fast food.

2. Please tell us what music you like.

Alize: Pop, rock, classical--just about anything, actually.
Zack: Yoko Kanno, Origa, that kind of stuff. Though I don't mind trying other stuff every once in a while.
Cloud: Rock.

3. What part of a cat's body do you like?

Alize: The fur.
Zack: Tail?
Cloud: Ears.

4. What alcohol do you like?

Alize: I like cocktails.
Zack: Beer. Although Tifs makes a mean Black Russian.
Cloud: Rye.

5. What are your favourite movies?

Alize: I like comedies and dramas.
Zack: I'll watch just about anything except horror or war movies.
Cloud: I'm not big on watching movies.

6. Who's your favourite star?

Alize: You wouldn't know her. But she's a very prominent singer.
Zack: Couldn't pick one off the top of my head . . .
Cloud: I don't have one.

7. What's your favourite sport?

Alize: Hiking, if it counts. Not that that does me any good now.
Zack: Actually, I like soccer. We'd play it with a can or something when we were off-duty, back in SOLDIER. And of course swordfighting, but I don't really think of it as a sport.
Cloud: Swordfighting.

8. What's your favourite animal?

Alize: I'm not a big animal person, but if I have to pick one I'll say birds.
Zack: Cats? I like all animals, really.
Cloud: Wolves.

9. Do you ever think "I hate these types of people"?

Alize: People who take advantage of others. Those who value money over lives.
Zack: Those who kill indiscriminantly. Those who threaten people, especially women and kids.
Cloud: Bullies. People who kill for no reason.

10. Do you ever think "I like these types of people"?

Alize: People that I click with, that I share a lot in common with.
Zack: People who stick their necks out to help, and who consider others.
Cloud: People who are kind and cheerful.

The If Series Section Q&A

1. Please tell us one thing you want right now.

Alize: To stand on my own again.
Zack: A house would be nice.
Cloud: Pass.

2. If the world is going to end in one week what will you do?

Alize: Find a way to stop it!
Zack: Stop it.
Cloud: Stop it.

3. If you could erase it is there anything from your history that you'd want to erase?

Alize: Yeah. What Eyguebelle did to Gramps and the others.
Zack: A number of things. Trust me, you don't wanna know.
Cloud: Yes.

4. If you could call forth a demon what kind of demon would you summon? And what would you want it to do for you?

Alize: I think I'd call up a certain devil named the King of Bandits. *grin*
Zack: I've had enough of my share of demons.
Cloud: I wouldn't.

5. If you were to measure your honesty, on a scale of 100 points what would be your score?

Alize: 80-something, I guess.
Zack: Hmm . . . 72?
Cloud: 89.

6. If you were going to a deserted island what must you take?

Alize: Some way to contact people.
Zack: What, you mean for fun? Aeris, and I'd probably drag along Cloud and Tifa.
Cloud: My PHS.

7. One day you find a large amount of money you don't remember having in your bankbook! What do you do?

Alize: Return it!
Zack: Report it.
Cloud: Report it.

8. What if you met a copy of yourself?

Alize: That would be weird. I guess I'd wonder whether the same things happened to her that did to me.
Zack: I think it'd be like having a brother, maybe.
Cloud: I already have. It's . . . odd.

9. Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Alize: I'd like to get a part in another show.
Zack: Not really sure. It doesn't matter much, as long as nothing too bad happens.
Cloud: Still the same. I'm fine with it.

10. If you could have just one wish come true what would it be?

Alize: Just one? . . . That the Nobodies could get back their hearts.
Zack: That everyone could be happy, but that's a pretty impossible wish. *rueful grin* So I guess I'll have to stick with wishing that all of my friends can wind up happy.
Cloud: That Sephiroth would be gone for good.

Love Section Q&A

1. Have you ever received a ring?

Alize: I got one when I was a kid, from a friend. I still have it.
Zack: No.
Cloud: No.

2. Do you have a lover?

Alize: NO.
Zack: Not yet~
Cloud: No.

3. Would you choose a girl (or boy) for her (or his) looks or personality?

Alize: Both.
Zack: Personality, although looks don't hurt.
Cloud: Personality.

4. Are marriage and love different things?

Alize: They can be.
Zack: Sometimes, but I feel sorry for anyone who's got it that way.
Cloud: They shouldn't be.

5. Your girl/boyfriend's found out you've been cheating on her/him! What do you do?

Alize: I wouldn't cheat! I'd just break up with him if I wasn't interested.
Zack: I'd never cheat!
Cloud: I wouldn't cheat.

6. You find out your girl/boyfriend is cheating on you! What do you do?

Alize: Dump the jerk!
Zack: I'd be pretty upset for a while, but if I loved her enough I'd want to know why.
Cloud: Find out why.

7. Can there be friendship between men and women?

Alize: Of course there can. What kind of question is that?
Zack: Sure there can. I hang out with Tifs all the time.
Cloud: Of course.

8. When was your first crush?

Alize: Pass.
Zack: Back when I was just a little kid--she lived down the street from me. Don't know what happened to her.
Cloud: Pass.

9. Would you be the one to make the confession?

Alize: Sure, unless something was stopping me.
Zack: Why not?
Cloud: I don't think so.

10. What is "love"?

Alize: Caring about someone more than anything else.
Zack: Wanting to be near a person forever.
Cloud: Pass.

11. What is "sex"?

Alize: Sex is sex. It's better if you love the person, but you don't have to.
Zack: What, you want details?
Cloud: Pass!

12. Do you want to get married?

Alize: Maybe if I met the right guy. I don't really care either way.
Zack: Yeah.
Cloud: . . . Maybe someday.

13. What do you think about same-sex love?

Alize: If they love each other, what's wrong with it?
Zack: I don't see a problem with it. If that's the way you are, then that's the way you are.
Cloud: It's weird.

14. Can people be happy through love?

Alize: I think love is only part of what makes people happy.
Zack: I think all kinds of emotions have to do with love, happiness is just the best part of it.
Cloud: Yes. But it can make you miserable too.

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