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[RL log - movie night!]

*there are bowls of popcorn and bottles of soda in the living room, and mugs if anyone wants hot chocolate. Also a stack of DVDs of various genres, from horror to action to comedy to cartoon. Mostly action. Zack is crouched in front of the TV, setting up the DVD player*

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*Naminé comes in. She has CUTE KITTY PAJAMAS OF JUSTICE. Also a teddy Moogle.*

When is everyone supposed to get here?

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*looks over his shoulder at her and smiles*

Denzel and Marlene are in the bathroom changing, and Alize and her brothers should be here soon. Did one of you already go and get Kairi?
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*Marlene shows up, all dressed for bed. >D Hay guys!*
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Hey Marlene! *is in her chair, has her bag slung on the back*

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*Walks in, has brought a copy of The Princess Bride.*

Hey. *general wave*

*Sees Zack fiddling with dvd player.*

Want help with that?
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Hey, Kyon. Thanks, but I've got it.

*switches the TV to the right input and stands up*

You guys get here okay?

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Yeah. No problems.

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*comes down the stairs, just wearing Zack's overlarge t-shirt as a nightgown and carrying a raggedy stuffed cat*

We better not be any watching anything boring, Dad!
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You guys are picking the videos, firecracker. I'm just supplying you with them~

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*This is Kyon, trying to be normal and ingratiating?*

The Princess Bride isn't boring. *holds up dvd*

Re: 1/2

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((Damn, last was supposed to be blank))

...I guess it is boring then.

*tosses dvd down and sits down heavily*

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*sits down on the edge of the stairs*

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*leans over towards Zack*

Um, I...don't think I should have come.
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*looks over at sulking Haruhi as he tosses the remote on the couch*

She's just being stubborn about it. You should go talk to her. I'm gonna go see if we have any chips.

*heads for the kitchen~*
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*rolls her eyes at Zack's completely lack of subtlety as she wheels up and (relatively) gently elbows Kyon in the ribs*

He's got a point.

*louder, so Haruhi can hear*

I want to watch it, anyway. And I bet Marlene and Denzel haven't seen it yet.

*plucks the dvd out of his hand and goes to enlist Marlene and Denzel's help in setting it up, since she doesn't want to hit the tv with her chair by accident*

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*Walks over. Is trying to be normal, but the effort is clear.*

So what's wrong with The Princess Bride?

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*not looking at you*

It's nothing.

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*Is resolutely looking right at you.*

It's something. We can watch another movie, you know.

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I don't care about what stupid movie we watch.

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Would you care if the movie wasn't stupid?

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But we are lost without your commanding guidance.

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Just shut up.

*stands up and starts to walk up the stairs.

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*leans over the stairs, don't make me come up there*

But we are. *deep breath, this had better work* At least, I am.

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*stops in tracks and twitches noticeably*


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*Isn't going to try to follow that up.*

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Just...find someone else. It's better that way.

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*my turn to inhale*

No, it's not. No one else is like you.

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But what if it happens again?!

If we go into that dark world and you get hurt like Roxas and Alize did!

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How do you know that for sure?

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*turns around and walks slowly back down the stairs*

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*Small smile*

I think they're starting the movie. *tilts head toward the t.v. and others*

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*this is me giving you a big hug*

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*Was not expecting that!

But hugs back?*

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*kinda clinging to you a bit*

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*Still kinda hugging you. And gently steering towards everyone else.*