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Oh, man . . .

. . . Guess this is where I say I'm sorry, Axel.

Though Haruhi still didn't deserve the things you said to her.

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. . . we need to talk.
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Virus. Made everyone think they were related, I guess. Or married.

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. . . I took it . . . didn't I.
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Yeah. We thought we were brothers. And you thought you were married to Tifa.

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. . .

. . .

She . .

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No, you don't. You're staying right here.

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You can't stop me; I'm going.
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Cloud, you're just going to hurt Tifa worse if you leave.

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[user Cloud Strife has logged off]
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Right. Because an apology will just magically fix things, wont it?

Fuck off. I've got more important shit to deal with than listening to lip service.
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What the hell do you want me to do?!