thezackman: (and sometimes it's so hard)
Zack Fair ([personal profile] thezackman) wrote2007-10-25 12:40 pm

. . .

I let them down. Again.

How did this happen?

[Zack's currently under the impression that Rufus has gone his father's way and arranged to have Aeris' gigai destroyed, which did something to fuck up her soul, that Cloud has succumbed to Sephiroth and is not coming back, and that Sephiroth!Cloud killed Tifa, Denzel, and Marlene, and is going after the rest of the group. Oh, and that the Planet's subsequently fucked. So comments from the people in question will be ignored.

ETA: So Zack's going to eventually "find out" that Aeris wasn't killed, but kidnapped, and being experimented on, and Zack is going to be forced to watch possibly while being experimented on himself. No idea if this is actually going to happen, or Zack is only going to perceive it happening, or what.]

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